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With her commitment to providing clients the support they need for their property journeys, Joey has come to be a property agent whom many homeowners and investors trust. She has clinched over a hundred awards, which serve as a testament to her proficiency and professionalism.

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"We have marketed our property for sale for the past 14 months with different groups of housing agents but to no avail. 

Finally, on 16/7/2023 we engaged Joey as our housing agent to market our property, & to our amazement, our property was sold by the 8th day! 

We are so grateful that Joey has made our journey of marketing our property such a breeze. From the start she has proven to be very knowledgeable, dependable, reliable and responsible & she’s very committed in her duties as a housing agent. Her efficiency & work knowledge has instilled in my husband and myself, full confidence and trust in her. 

We also appreciate the great team work of Joey with her partner, Josie


We would like to expressed our gratitude and thanks to Joey, and we wished her all the best!"

- Richard

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