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Your property investment journey does not stop at the purchase of a property. Asset progression is key to ensuring the viability of your properties. Hence, you will need to continually assess and optimise your property investment portfolio.

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Achieve your property goals with confidence with Joey’s personalised action plan.

Expert guidance coupled with proven strategies have helped countless clients fulfil their property dreams.



Upgrading your house should mean a more comfortable lifestyle, and this is why it is important that the property you purchase is aligned with your individual situation. Whether it’s your current age or income, or your future plans, Joey can help you map out your personal property journey, which would take into account key considerations including your retirement.


Lea and her family owned a a condominium but wanted to upgrade to a higher value property to plan for retirement.

1. By conducting an assessment of their financial situation, Joey was able to provide them a comprehensive view of how they could align their needs with their property goals.

2. The family managed to swiftly sell their flat for $750K.

3. The family was thus able to upgrade to a condominium at $1.79 million, ensuring the viability of their property portfolio.


Jake was interested in selling his current property to generate asset wealth by purchasing a new launch condominium, but was unsure if it was feasible.

1. Following his consultation with Joey, Jake had greater clarity on his particular situation and what he was looking to achieve, through his property purchase.

2. Jake sold his 99 years leasehold condominium for $750K within a considerably short period of time.

3. Jake managed to purchase a new launch freehold condominium at $2 million, growing his asset wealth.

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